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   “bonamente” translated from the latin as “well-intentioned”   
   that is the basic principle of our Company   


– drafting of contracts;
– contract negotiations;
– due diligence of contracts

– legal support to real estate transactions;
– legal services on lease/rent relations;
– due diligence of the property status

– protection of the rights of the customer goods;
– protection of the rights of the customer services;
– protection of the rights of tourists;
– protection of the rights of real estate buyers

– protection  of the consumer rights in banking sector;
– providing information on the existing bank interest rates and charges for banking services;
– drafting and expertise of standard contracts in the banking law;
– legal assistance to the consumers in the process of submitting and drafting application to the Chamber of Control over the Financial Markets

– oral and written legal consultations on various issues of taxation (income tax, VAT and other taxes and fees) both within and outside of Azerbaijan upon the request;
– drafting of various contracts in line with tax aspects;
– appeal tax authorities decisions in the administrative and judicial level

– protection of copyright and related rights;
– protection of industrial property;
– protection of the trademark rights and service mark

  • “Consultant” Package
  • “Business” Package

The cost of Outsourcing legal services is less than regular lawyer but the quality of service is higher

– representation in international arbitration courts;
– recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards;
– ADR disputes settlement through the mediation

– legal support for import/export operations, in receipt of loans and leasing;
– drafting of business plans;
– marketing, branding, business partners’ identification;
– licensing;
– certification;
– foodsafety

– national legislation and legal acts  of foreign countries;
– agreements/contracts (amendments and annexes);
– certificates and licenses;
– constituent documents;
– arbitration and judicial documents;
– tender documents, etc

Developed the staff trainings by “Bona Mente Consulting” Law Company on actual topics for one or more group companies.
Elaboration of the individual development plan for company staff with training program including the most appropriate modules



Phone Call or Online Registration for Consultation appointment

Initial Consultation

Вetailed study of the issue, the analysis of all documents and prospects of the case

The Major Consultation

Development of the legal position / strategy of the case

Pre-trial settlement of the issue

The organization of meetings of the parties of the dispute, the collection of additional evidence on the issue

Preparation documentations to court

Preparation and submission of documents to the relative court or other government bodies